The 72nd IIW
annual assembly
& international conference
7th-12th July 2019

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IIW Winter Meetings
Villepinte, France
14th-18th January 2019

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8th Asia Pacific IIW International Congress
Bangkok - Thailand
20th-22th March 2019


Welcome to IIW: the World-Leading Network in Materials Joining

Researchers, industry practitioners and educators, students and young professionals from over 50 countries worldwide are all part of the collaborative working platform of the International Institute of Welding (IIW). This unique international cooperation is achieved through annual and intermediate meetings of IIW working units and boards, technical networking, shared projects, events, publications and web-based communications. The outcomes are shared throughout the world - promoting optimum use and innovation in joining technologies, international standardisation, and quality through education, training, qualification and certification of individuals and companies for a safe and sustainable world.

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8th Asia Pacific IIW International Congress

Welding Institute of Thailand, and with support of the International Institute of Welding. Read more >


Digitalisation in Vocational Training and Further Education

photo Source: WeldPlus
What effects does digitalisation have on the vocational education and further training? Which dig… Read more >


IIW Winter Meetings

The IIW Winter Meetings are annual events, held around the months of January and February, in which representatives of a… Read more >