The International Institute of Welding is an association of organizations representing the welding interests of their own countries.

According to Article 6 of the IIW Constitution:

Membership shall be open to legal entities which meet the following requirements:

  • to be legally established by the laws and practices of their country of origin,
  • to be a non-profit distributing organisation,
  • to be so organised and financed as to be able to take into consideration and/or to represent the interests of those industrial domains which make use of techniques within the Technical Field of the Association,
  • to provide the financial resources for sharing the work of the Association and implementing the decisions reached by the General Assembly.

Membership shall not be open to bodies whose activities are wholly or mainly of commercial or trade character.”

In addition to fulfilling these requirements, an annual fee is due. It is calculated as a combination of a fixed fee (3,000 €) and a variable fee which is proportional to the crude steel consumption and the GDP PPP (PC) of the country. Figures are collected from the yearly book of the World Steel Association (apparent crude steel consumption) and the World Bank (GDP PPP PC)

In case there’s more than one organisation interested in IIW membership in the country, only one is addressed as a Responsible Member Society and it is up to the organisations to define an agreement to manage their relationships as relates to the IIW fees and activities.


Only when the membership is agreed upon you may apply to become an IIW Authorised Nominated Body and enable IIW Qualification and Certification schemes in your country. See here for more information.