IIW joins the International Additive Manufacturing System (IAMQS) developed by EWF

The IAMQS – International Additive Manufacturing Qualification System was created by industry and for industry to ensure that companies and professionals are equipped with the right set of skills to implement AM at the industrial level.

IAMQS started by focusing on Metal AM and is broadening its scope for the development of training guidelines for Polymers, ensuring a full alignment with industry requirements and technological breakthroughs, currently offers several  Qualifications in Additive Manufacturing or Operators, Designers, Supervisors, Inspectors, Coordinator and Engineers.

The system benefits from the experience gained with the welding Qualification and Certification system and is based on a robust and transparent quality system, widely accepted by training institutions, national certification bodies,  companies, trainers and trainees.

The International AM Qualification System is supported by IIW and managed by EWF (European Welding Federation).

For any issue or clarification please contact qualifications@iiwelding.net.

IAMQS - Additvive Manufacturing Catalogue