Welders are amongst the most requested personnel on a global scale. Despite several qualifications and certifications available in the world, IIW offers the unique opportunity to have a training curriculum offered globally with all the benefits of the IIW network.

The IIW Guideline for education, training and qualification of International Welders is based on the experience of IIW members and takes into consideration the interests of industry both on the international and local levels. Based on skills and abilities required by ISO 9606, the IIW International Welder guideline adds a precise training program to ensure welders have the right theoretical knowledge needed to support fabrication in the manufacturing process, troubleshoot and overcome technical difficulties during fabrication, still keeping their role within the assigned tasks.

A specific version of the guideline is also available for experienced welders, to adapt training for those who have already gained skills and experience in specific industrial sectors.

IIW defines the requirements for Training and examination organisations and monitors the quality of the delivered services through a management system based on international best practices and standards.

For more information, please contact qualifications@iiwelding.net.