Diplomas and certificates of the International Institute of Welding are issued by the IIW Authorised Nominated Bodies (ANBs) on behalf of the IIW.

To verify the validity of a Diploma or Certificate is valid, you should contact the ANB that issued it, as follows:

  1. Seek the Diploma or certificate number: the first two digits are the ISO code of the Country (see ISO Country codes).
  2. Find the contacts of the IIW Authorised Nominated Body (ANB) that issued the certification/diploma in our directory:
  3. Contact the ANB using the e-mail provided in the list and ask for instructions.

The ANB that issued the diploma or certificate may have been suspended or cancelled (check the list of cancelled or suspended ANBs and ANBCCs). In this case, please contact IIW at the addresses given below.

For any issue or clarification, and in case you are not satisfied with your request, please contact qualifications@iiwelding.net or certifications@iiwelding.net