The sovereign body of the IIW is the IIW General Assembly, composed of delegates representing the Responsible Member Societies.

The Association is administered by a Board of Directors composed of a maximum of 15 voting members, elected by the General Assembly. The Board of Directors is supported by the IIW Advisory Council, composed of key global industry representatives, and the Council of IIW senators, composed of IIW senior experts.

Daily operation is managed by the IIW secretariat, under the responsibility of the Chief Executive Officer.

Role Name Contact Country
President Thomas BÖLLINGHAUS Germany
CEO Luca COSTA Italy
Vice-President Srinivasan R. IYER India
Vice-President Robert SHAW USA
Immediate Past-President Douglas LUCIANI Canada
Treasurer Stephan EGERLAND Austria
TMB-Chair Xiaoyan LI China
IAB-Chair Fernando MAÑAS Spain
Director Susanne BAUMGARTNER Austria
Director Yevgenia CHVERTKO Ukraine
Director John L GAYLER USA
Director Paul KAH Cameroon
Director Georgia KOLYVA Greece
Director Zheng SUN Singapore
Director Tomoyuki UEYAMA Japan
Director Jörg VOGELSANG Germany

The IIW activities are developed by the two operating bodies of IIW:

  • The Technical Management Board manages the scientific activities, including the development of best practices, standards, the IIW Journal “Welding in the World” and the IIW Knowledge Centre
  • The International Authorization Board manages the IIW training, Qualification and Certification System. This is operated jointly with the European Federation for Welding, Joining and Cutting (EWF)

The IIW is an association governed by Italian law.

IIW Constitution 2019RD-200 - IIW Operational StructureRD-260 Antitrust Guidelines