IIW has a quality system to ensure that IIW Education, Training, Qualification and Certification are harmonized throughout its network of Bodies. The system is based on rules and procedures whose conformity is verified on a yearly basis by IIW through peer assessment procedures. In IIW, authorization activities are managed by the International Authorisation Board (IAB).


Authorized Nominated Bodies (ANBs) administer exams, issue diplomas and certificates for personnel and authorize Training Bodies (ATBs). In the case of the certification of personnel (IIW Personnel Certification Scheme – PCS), specific requirements apply, such as conformity with ISO/IEC 17024. Please download the documents at the bottom of the page for further information.


Authorised Nominated Bodies for Company Certification (ANBCCSS) administer the IIW ISO 3834 certification services.


Authorised Training Bodies (ATBs) offer the training to candidates to IIW diplomas. As such, specific requirements apply for Trainers, Equipment, Quality Management systems and training syllabuses. Please download the documents at the bottom of the page for further information.


The list of ANBs, ANBs for personnel Certification and ANBCCs is available on the links provided. To find an ATB, you should contact an ANB authorised for your desired training location.


If your interest is becoming an IIW Authorised Body (ANB/ANBCC), consider that they work in close cooperation with IIW members in their countries, and you should contact the local member. If there is no IIW member in your country of interest, you may consider cooperating with an ANB/ANBCC of a different country to start offering services. As ATBs are Authorised by ANBs, you may contact existing ANBs to proceed with the authorization Procedures.


For further information, please contact qualifications@iiwelding.net or