The International Institute of Welding is a global organisation that offers a wide range of qualification and certification services for personnel in the field of welding and allied processes to support industry needs.

In addition to IWE – International Welding Engineers, IWS – International Welding Specialist, IWI – International Welding Inspectors and IW International Welder, IIW provides training guidelines that cover all professional levels in welding technology.

Qualifications for Welding Coordination personnel ensure that trainees will achieve, at the proper level, the relevant knowledge to perform welding coordination activities, as defined by ISO 1731 and other global standards and codes. Weldin coordinators have specific responsibilities in the management of the welding manufacturing process, including (but not limited to) design and requirements review, setting of working procedures, selection of welding personnel, WPS and WPQRs.

In addition to IWE (International Welding Engineer) and IWS (International Welding Specialist), IIW also qualifies and certifies personnel as:

  • IWT – International Welding Technologist
  • IWP – International Welding Practitioner

Each level has specific access conditions, training syllabus and requirements for the Qualification and the Certification.


As automation has a growing impact on welding operations, IIW developed a qualification for personnel involved in Mechanized, Orbital and Robotised Welding, at different levels. Welding applications using mechanisation or any kind of automation require from the personnel a level of understanding of all factors involved with the aim to achieve the proper level of economic and quality efficiency. Training and qualifications for the International Mechanized, Orbital and Robotised Welding personnel (IMORW)  were designed with a modular system, to let the industry select the specialisation (Automised, Orbital or Robotised) and the qualification level (Basic, Standard or Comprehensive) fitting its needs.


Since its foundation, IIW shared great experiences and knowledge in understanding the critical aspects of welding affecting the reliability of structures. This long-lasting position allowed the development of guidelines for the training and qualification of International Welded Structural Designers (IWSD). Training and qualification are offered at the Standard and Comprehensive levels.


In the field of Metal Additive Manufacturing, IIW is joining the International Additive Manufacturing Qualification System (IAMQS).

You may download the guidelines from the links below. For further information, please contact