International Welding Engineer (IWE®) is the highest qualification issued by the International Institute of Welding.

Since 2000, over 60.000 IWEs were qualified in the world.
IWE diploma guarantees knowledge and skill to solve manufacturing issues independent of the process, material or application. In addition, IWEs can perform welding coordination activities as requested by several global standards and codes.

IWEs undergo a training and examination procedure that ensures they acquire advanced knowledge in welding processes, materials, design, and quality control, including a critical understanding of welding manufacturing applications.

Access to the qualification is allowed to those satisfying specific access requirements and on the postgraduate level (e.g. primary degree in an engineering discipline). The standard route for the qualification requires participants to attend a training course of over 400 teaching hours (classroom and laboratory) and pass four qualification exams. Training may also be offered partially in distance learning.

Training and examinations are offered in about 30 languages and several countries. Candidates must enrol in the courses at an Authorized Training body of IIW.

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Guideline for International Welding Engineers