Additive manufacturing, Surfacing and Thermal Cutting

Commission I covers a broad range of topics within the welding and joining communities. Our commission has three sub-Commissions, C-I-C, C-I-E, and C-I-F. to cover surfacing, thermal spray, thermal cutting and the various forms of additive manufacturing processes. Our objective is to provide the welding research community a place to present the latest work in these areas, while also providing the manufacturing community with a venue to discuss manufacturing issues and the latest in equipment design.
This commission is a venue for researchers to present and then publish information about these processes in Welding in the World but also and foremost for manufacturers who can discuss the latest innovations in these processes. Joint meetings with other commissions are held to cross-fertilize ideas about our process areas and their appropriate characterization and property analysis to possibly develop white papers and other documents to IIW on how to best lead the industry in these process areas.