Joining the IIW Community of experts

IIW Organizes an supports a wide series of events, as an opportunity to share information and to develop best practices in welding and allied technology.

During IIW Annual Assemblies, regional and international Congresses or associated events, IIW ensures that quality of the content, the clarity of the scope and that the event is based on IIW goals and objectives.

Young Professionals International Conferences on Welding and Joining (YPIC) may be held online or in physical attendance and offer the environment to exchange views on the future of the welding and joining sector.

IIW Annual Assemblies and International Conference on welding and joining

The main event is the IIW Annual Assembly and International Conference. Held every year in a different region of the world, it gathers the main experts from industry, academia research and training organizations for a full week of meetings, discussions and best practice sharing.

Every IIW Annual Assembly is accompanied by a two-day thematic International Conference on Welding and Joining. The most known experts present the result of their work on the theme of the conference.

IIW Regional Congresses and International Congresses

IIW Regional Congresses are organized by the members of IIW and are focusing on the regional needs for the welding industry, training and research activities. With a duration of a few days, schedules include presentations, poster sessions and workshops. Specific sections of the event may be dedicated to IIW Young Professionals, the future generations of experts and professionals in the field of welding and allied processes.

IIW international congresses are events organized by one or more IIW members and focused on specific themes of current interest for the welding community.

2024 22-24 January Bangalore, India 6th IIW International Congress (IC-2024)

IIW Associated Events

IIW Associated Events are organized by IIW members or IIW partners. They are approved by the IIW to include specific aspects or topics that are of greater interest to the global welding community to achieve the goals of the association and its members.

2023 11-15 Sept Essen, Germany International Welders Competition
2023 12–15 October Beijing
 China 18th International Symposium on Tubular Structures (ISTS 18)
2023 30-31 Oct Istambul, Turkey Advances in Welding and Additive Manufacturing Technologies (WAM)
2023 27-30June 
November Shenzhen,
 China Arc Cup International Welding Competition
2024 8-9 May Budapest, Hungary Join Trans
2024 7-10 October Kyiv, Ukraine International Congress on Welding and related Technologies 2024

Young Professionals Welding International Conference (YPIC)

Young Professionals welding International Congresses (YPIC) are events specifically designed to support the growth of the future generations of welding enthusiasts. They may be held in physical attendance (YPIC @live) or online (YPIC @Digital). During the events, participants are encouraged to share the result of their scientific work and gather feedback from the expertise of the IIW community.

2024 8th-9th February Whova (Online) YPIC 2024 – 1st Young Welding Professional International Conference Flyer