Hosted in locations around the world, provide unique opportunities for experts, practitioners and accompanying persons to meet and network at both professional and personal levels.

The sovereign body of the IIW is the IIW General Assembly, composed of delegates representing the Responsible Member societies.

Since 1983 a concurrent International Conference has facilitated access for the local welding industry and young professionals to international experts and leading-edge research and technology and provided a platform for showcasing developments in the host nation to the welding world.

Year Annual Assembly International Conference
2023 Singapore International Conference on welding and Joining
2022 Tokyo, Japan Innovative Welding and Joining Technologies to achieve Carbon Neutrality and promote Sustainable Development
2021 ON-LINE Artificial intelligence to innovate welding and joining
2020 ON-LINE
2019 Bratislava, Slovakia New Progressive Materials and Welding Methods in the Automotive Industry
2018 Bali, Indonesia Advanced Welding and Smart Fabrication Technologies for Efficient Manufacturing Processes
2017 Shanghai, P.R. China Green Welding Technologies for Effective and Reliable Manufacturing
2016 Melbourne, Australia From Concept to Decommission: The Total Life Cycle of Welded Components
2015 Helsinki, Finland High Strength Materials – Challenges and Applications
2014 Seoul, South Korea Advanced Technology in Welding and Joining for Heavy, Automotive and Electronics Industries
2013 Essen, Germany Automation in Welding
2012 Denver, USA Welding for Repair and life Extension of Plants and Infrastructure
2011 Chennai, India Global Trends in Joining, Cutting and Surfacing Technology
2010 Istanbul, Turkey Advances in Welding Science and Technology for Construction, Energy & Transportation Systems
2009 Singapore Advances in Welding and Allied Technologies
2008 Graz, Austria Safety and Reliability of Welded Components in Energy and Processing Industry
2007 Dubrovnik, Croatia Welding and Materials Technical, Economic and Ecological Aspects
2006 Québec City, Canada Tubular Structures
2005 Prague, Czech Republic Benefits of New Methods and Trends to Economy, Productivity And Quality
2004 Osaka, Japan Technical Trends and Future Prospectives of Welding Technology for Transportation, Land, Sea, Air and Space
2003 Bucharest, Romania Welded construction for urban infrastructure
2002 Copenhagen, Denmark Advanced Processes and Technologies in Welding and Allied Processes
2001 Ljubljana, Slovenia Joining Technologies of Dissimilar Materials and Structural Integrity Problems of Jointed Materials
2000 Florence, Italy Welded Constructions: Achievements and Perspectives for the New Millennium
1999 Lisbon, Portugal The human Factor and its Environment
1998 Hamburg, Germany Welding in Shipbuilding
1997 San Francisco, USA Performance of Dynamically Loaded Welded Structures
1996 Budapest, Hungary Welded Structures, in Particular Welded Bridges
1995 Stockholm, Sweden Welding of Stainless Steel
1994 Beijing. P.R. China Advanced Techniques and Low Cost Automation
1993 Glasgow, UK Extending the Life of Welded Structures
1992 Madrid, Spain Engineering design in welded constructions
1991 The Hague, The Netherlands Joining/Welding 2000
1990 Montreal, Canada Advances in Joining Newer Structural Materials
1989 Helsinki, Finland Welding Under Extreme Conditions
1988 Vienna Weld Quality: The Role of Computers
1987 Sofia, Bulgaria Stress Relieving Heat Treatments of Welded Steel Constructions
1986 Tokyo, Japan Electron and Laser Beam Welding
1985 Strasbourg, France Automation and Robotisation in Welding and Allied Processes
1984 Boston, USA Welding of Tubular Structures
1983 Trondheim, Norway Underwater Welding
1982 Ljubljana, Slovenia
1981 Porto, Portugal
1980 Estoril, Portugal
1979 Bratislava, Slovakia
1978 Dublin, Ireland
1978 Dublin, Ireland
1977 Copenhagen, Denmark
1976 Sydney, Australia
1975 Tel-Aviv, Israel
1974 Budapest, Hungary
1973 Düsseldorf, Germany
1972 Toronto, Canada
1971 Stockholm, Sweden
1970 Lausanne, Switzerland
1969 Kyoto, Japan
1968 Warsaw, Poland
1967 London, UK
1966 Delft, The Netherlands
1965 Paris, France
1964 Prague, Czechoslovakia
1963 Helsinki, Finland
1962 Oslo, Norway
1961 New York, USA
1960 Liège, Belgium
1959 Opatija, Croatia
1958 Vienna, Austria
1957 Essen, Germany
1956 Madrid, Spain
1955 Zurich, Switzerland
1954 Florence, Italy
1953 Copenhagen, Denmark
1952 Göteborg, Sweden
1951 Oxford, UK
1950 Paris, France
1949 Delft, The Netherlands
1952 Göteborg, Sweden
1951 Oxford, UK
1950 Paris, France
1949 Delft, The Netherlands