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IIW events such as the Annual Assembly and International Conference, International Congresses, Welding Research and Collaboration Colloquia as well as IIW supported events, held in locations around the world, provide unique opportunities for learning and teaching. Presentations by IIW experts and forums for the presentation of research outputs and discussion of relevant hot topics promote active technology diffusion and innovation.
20/03/2019 | Thailand

8th Asia Pacific IIW International Congress

Welding Institute of Thailand, and with support of the International Institute of Welding. Read more >

05/12/2018 | Ukraine

Welding and related technologies - present and future

The E.O.Paton Electric Welding Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, and with support of the International Institute of Welding Read more >

29/08/2018 | France

4th Young Professionals International Conference

French Institute of Welding with support of the International institute of Welding is organising the 4th Young Professionals International Conference.
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23/08/2018 |

Nordic Welding Conference

Icelandic Welding Association composed by Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland with support of the international institute of Welding is organising Nordic Welding Conference.
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19/07/2018 | Indonesia

Focus on the IIW 2018 Houdremont Lecturer

Each year a one- or two-day IIW International Conference is organised within the framework of the IIW Annual Assembly. The theme and structure of the conference are approved by the IIW upon recommendation by the Technical Management Board (TMB).

The Houdremont Lecture is the opening keynote address at the IIW International Conference when held in an even-numbered year. The address in odd-numbered years is known as the Portevin Lecture.
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14/07/2018 | Indonesia

Free Access to the latest issue of Welding in the World

Interested in having unlimited access to Welding in the World?

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29/06/2018 |

IIW YPs are on Twitter

Just starting, have a look and promote it to grow the community Read more >

27/05/2018 | Thailand

8th Asia Pacific IIW International Congress First Announcement & Call for Papers

Promote and Ensure the Quality of Welding Education in the Region" Read more >

30/04/2018 | Serbia

IIW South-East Europe International Congress

Serbian Welding Society in cooperation with Welding associations of Romania and Bulgaria, and with support of the International Institute of Welding... Read more >

06/04/2018 | Austria

12th International Seminar on Numerical Analysis of Weldability

The Graz University of Technology, Austria, is organising the 12th International Seminar on „Numerical Analysis of Weldability“. Read more >