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IIW events such as the Annual Assembly and International Conference, International Congresses, Welding Research and Collaboration Colloquia as well as IIW supported events, held in locations around the world, provide unique opportunities for learning and teaching. Presentations by IIW experts and forums for the presentation of research outputs and discussion of relevant hot topics promote active technology diffusion and innovation.
20/06/2021 | Italy

74th IIW Annual Assembly and International Conference

The website has just open IIW 2021 Read more >

13/10/2020 | Poland

IIW International Congress in Poland

Cutting-Edge Welding Engineering - Modernity of the Future Read more >

02/09/2020 | Hungary

3rd International Conference on Vehicle and Automotive Engineering VAE2020

We have the pleasure to invite you to participate in 3rd International Conference on Vehicle and Automotive Engineering (VAE2020) will be held from 2nd to 4th September 2020 in Miskolc, Hungary. The aim of the conference is to bring together the experts from both the academic and industrial areas and to show the development on these fields. Read more >

19/07/2020 | Singapore

73rd IIW Annual Assembly and International Conference

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10/06/2020 | Austria

ITSC 2020 - International Thermal Spray Conference and Exposition

Partner of the IIW since many years through IIW Member Society DVS, the next international conference entitled "ITSC – International Thermal Spray Conference and Exposition" with an accompanying exhibition is inviting experts, scientists and authorities on the sector to submit specialist contributions and posters on the subject of "Thermal Coating" is going to be held from 10 to 12 June in Vienna, Austria. Read more >

27/05/2020 | Spain

4th International Congress on Welding & Joining Technologies - 3rd IIW International Congress in the Western European Region

The next edition of the Congress will take place in Sevilla on 27, 28 and 29 May 2020. On this occasion it is the School of Engineers of Sevilla and more specifically the Group of Elasticity and Resistance of Materials, who make it possible that once again, this important event takes place in other cities of the Spanish geography.
The Congress will serve as a meeting point for the exchange of experiences and knowledge among experts in the sector, as well as to update and contrast the opinions of the Speakers and Attendees. It also represents an unbeatable opportunity for the dissemination of the technological capacity of the entities, offering a means for the development and dissemination of new technologies in the field of joining technologies. Read more >

19/05/2020 | Ukraine

Young Professional International Conference and WRTYS 2020

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06/05/2020 | Greece

International Welding Congress on the Worldwide Availability of Welding Related Personnel

…….“Connecting Materials and People”…… Read more >

31/03/2020 | Italy

Focus on IIW Ugo Guerrera Prize

Sponsored by the Italian Institute of Welding this IIW Award recognises an individual or team responsible for fabrication of an outstanding recently completed welded construction from the viewpoints of design, materials or fabrication methods.

It was awarded in 2019 to Mrs Claudia Pavan and her team from Cimolai (Italy) for the construction of The Occulus.

Call for Ugo Guerrera 2022 is being launched, so don't miss the opportunity. Contact the IIW Secretariat for any question at iiw@iiwelding.org.
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19/03/2020 |

Cancellation of IIW events due to the spread of COVID-19

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26/02/2020 |

Cancellation of intermediate meetings due to the outbreak of COVID-19 in Europe and in Asia

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 in Europe and in Asia the intermediate meetings foreseen in march have been cancelled. In particular these are:
Joint meeting of C- I, C-IV, C-XII and SG212 of 2-3 March in Germany;
Joint meeting of C-II, C-IX of 4-6 March in Germany;
C-XIII of 12-13 March in Japan;
C-X of 13 March in Italy. Read more >

06/02/2020 | India

IC 2020 - IIW International Congress in India

The 5th IIW International Congress, organized in India.
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27/01/2020 | Israel

International Conference of Welding, Joining and Additive Manufacturing - Organized by AEAI.

Hosted and organized by AEAI.
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01/01/2020 | Italy

The IIW moves to Italy with a new CEO and IIW General Secretariat Staff

Starting on 01 January 2020 a new team is managing the IIW General Secretariat Read more >

24/12/2019 |

IIW History website is online

As a modern continuation of the IIW History book 1990-2015, this website will be continuously updated, following the development of the International Institute of Welding. Read more >

09/12/2019 | Singapore

17th International Symposium on Tubular Structures (ISTS17) in National University of Singapore

Hosted by National University of Singapore , and supported by IIW Read more >

07/07/2019 |

Just released - IIW 2018 Annual Report

During the General Assembly held on 7 July in Bratislava the IIW Members approved the Annual Report of past year. Highlights of the year, updates from the Technical and operational Working Units are included together with approved accounts and message from the President. Read more >