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Svetskommissionen/Swedish Welding Commission (SWC)

The Swedish Welding Commission is a nonprofit-making organization which works to support industrial companies, research institutes, government and other public agencies as well as other types of organizations. The primary objectives of the Commission is to promote the research and development of Swedish welding and cutting technology and standardization, education and information in the welding field.
The Commission has some 400 member companies. They represent a number of different industrial sectors: the engineering industry, the steel manufacturing industry, and manufacturers of products for welding and cutting. Thus, the Welding Commission represents and can draw on expertise from all of the major industrial sectors where welding plays a significant role.

Svetskommissionen/Swedish Welding Commission (SWC)

Mathias Lundin

Box 5073, SE-102 42 Stockholm
Tel : +46 8 120 30 401

Mobile : +46 733 14 18 10

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Swedish Welding Society

Marie Allvar Kärrbrant

Tel : +46 8 12030409

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