SAVE THE DATE: 09/11/2023

ISO TC 44 Hosted by IIW in Genoa

IIW hosted the meeting of ISO TC 44 at its Headquarters Office in Genoa, at the premises of IIS, the Italian Institute of Welding and online (Hybrid meeting). In conjunction this meeting, also SC 5 (Testing and inspection of welds), SC 7(Representation and terms), 8 (Equipment for gas welding, cutting and allied) 10 (Quality management in the field of welding) and 11 (Qualification requirements for welding and allied processes personnel) met during the entire week.

ISO TC 44 the International Standardization Body dealing with welding and allied processes. Standardization activities include terminology, definitions and the symbolic representation of welds on drawings, apparatus and equipment for welding, raw materials (gas, parent and filler metals) welding processes and rules, methods of test and control, calculations and design of welded assemblies, welders’ qualifications, as well as safety and health.

IIW is a standardization body of ISO and develops standards in cooperation or on behalf of ISO TC 44. For more information, please visit IIW – Standardization and best practices – (