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Welcome to the Nigerian Institute of Welding (NIW), a registered nonprofit organization devoted to the promotion and implementation of best welding practices in Nigeria. Managed by representatives of different stake holding interests in the Nigerian welding industry. The focus of NIW centers on research and knowledge sharing on welding technology, education and training, qualification and certification across both private and public-sector interests.

NIW is the national awarding body for welding in the Nigerian skill qualification scheme (NSQ), authorized welding certification body for Nigeria’s oil and gas skill development schemes and operates a mutual recognition agreement (MRA) with the Standards Organization of Nigeria
(SON) in the surveillance and monitoring, training and education, qualification and certification of personnel and processes in the welding industry in Nigeria.

NIW is a member of the International Institute of Welding (IIW), an Authorized Nominated Body (ANB) of the IIW-International Authorization Board and a pioneer member of The Welding Federation of Africa(TWF). NIW implements IIW’s guidelines on education, training and qualification of welding personnel leading to the award of the following IIW Diplomas: International Welding Engineer, International Welding Technologist, International Welding Inspector, International Welding Specialist, International Welding Practitioner and International Welder.

Nigerian Institute of Welding

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