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Corporación Mexicana de Investigación en Materiales (COMIMSA)

The Mexican Materials Research Center (COMIMSA), in 2007 encourage its researchers to do contact with different institution from the countries with high level of welding technology. Regarding with this direction, we were contact with the Italian Institute of Welding (IIS) , in Genoa Italy. The first contact was by telephone and e-mail with the Director of the IIW.
During two months, our researcher has been working in the advanced welding process, where the Director of this area talk about the Mexican representation in the IIW. I these time, the Mexican representation was of one small private business, profit and on governmental, situation that was very strange for the directors of the IIW.
After that, the IIS introduce at COMIMSA to the IIW, and in 2007, we proceed to complete the registration to propose this institution as the Mexican Representation in the IIW.
The board of Directors accepted the proposal, and COMIMSA is, since 2007, the first institution as Mexican representation; after that, in this year, the Tecnológico Nacional de Mexico (TedcNM)/Saltillo Institute of Technology (ITS), is the second Institution with the Mexican representation.

Corporación Mejicana de Investigación en Materiales (COMIMSA)

Jesús Martín Rodriguez Covarrubias

Calle Ciencia Y Tecnología No. 790,
Fraccionamiento Saltillo 400
25290 Saltillo Coahuila
Tel : +52 844 411 32 00

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Tecnológico Nacional de México

Felipe Arturo Reyes Valdés

Tel : +52 844 438 95 00 ext 1149

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