IIW Awards

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With around 20 different Awards, IIW recognises a wide range of achievements: specific, outstanding or technical accomplishements, illustrious careers or long and meritious service to the IIW. Trophies, medals, and certficates are presented each year to the winners during the opening ceremony of the IIW's Annual Assembly.

IIW is proud to promote and recognise excellence through prizes that pay tribute to eminent individuals, who played a subsantial part in IIW's history, whether as founding fathers, champions, or pillars of the Technical Commissions.

They each contributed to the IIW's aims and objectives or to development of revolutionary scientific and technical advances in welding and allied processes. it is the dedication and vision of these famous IIW personalities which set the stage for the organisation to be recognised today as the largest and most prestigious worldwide network for knowledge exchange of joining technologies.

Entry to the Recognition implies the unconditional acceptance of the present rules. Application that Simply provide the candidate's CV will not be considered. All information on nominees will be held in strict confidence.Nominations will then be electronically circulated to the Panel of Judges, at least one month before the Intermediate Meeting. All decision must be approved by the Board of Directors.

The Award Process

  • Step 1: only responsible of Member Socities, Board of Directors members (BoD), Technical Management Board members (TMB) and Chairs are invited to nominate. If you are interested by nomination, please inform IIW Secretariat who will contact your Member Society.
  • Step 2: your contact will complete application form. You are invited to help him/her by giving appropriate information. Nominations and their application form must be submitted to the IIW Secretariat no later than November 30 st of the year preceding the year of the award.
  • Step 3: all application forms will be circulated within the jury. Vote will be collected by the IIW General Secretariat. Decision will be proceeded during IIW Winter Meetings.
  • Step 4: all winners will be rewarded during Opening Ceremony to be held during IIW annual Assembly.

More information is available by contacting the IIW General Secretariat.

Awards for Career Achievements and Contributions to IIW

Fellow of IIW Award

The winner of this award is recognised for his/her lifetime achievement through distinguished contributions to the field of welding, science and technologies, and for promoting and sustaining the Professional stature of the field. Rules for Fellow of IIW Award

Walter Edström Medal

Sponsored by the Svetskommissionen/Swedish Welding Commission (SWC).

The winner of this award iw actively engaged into the IIW. They are recognised as having excellent career achievements and contribution to IIW.
Rules for Walter Edström Medal

Thomas medal

Sponsored by American Welding Society.

The winner of this award has been deemed by a panel of judges to be the best IIW/ISO international standards activities.
Rules for Thomas Medal

Arthur Smith Award

Sponsored by TWI United Kingdom

The winner of this award has contributed to the activities of the Institute for a significant number of years, particularly in the work of the Working Units.
Rules for Arthur Smith Award

Awards for Outstanding Technical Achievements

Yoshiaki Arata Award

Sponsored by Japan Welding Engineering Society.

The winner of this award is have realised outstanding achievements in fundamental researches in welding science and technology, and its allied areas, and which have been recognised as a great contribution to the progress of welding engineering and related fields.
Rules for Yoshiaki Arata Award

Andre Leroy Prize

Sponsored by French Institue of Welding.

The winner of this award has produced multi media document (including video and computer programmes) intended for use in Education and Training in any aspect of welding and allied processes (brazing, hot spraying, thermal cutting, etc.) at any level (engineers, technicians, welders, etc.).
Rules for André Leroy Prize

Heinz Sossenheimer Software Innovation Award

Sponsored by German society.

The winner of this award is produced software contributing to the modelling and simulation of:
  • the behaviour of materials (metals, plastics and ceramics) due to joining, cutting or surfacing;
  • joining, cutting or surfacing processes;
  • properties of joined, cut or surfaced structures and constructions.
Rules for Heinz Sossenheimer Software Innovation Award

Henry Granjon Prize

Sponsored by French Institute of Welding.

The winner if this award has proposed original scientific papers (theses, research reports, state-of-the-art surveys, etc.) not have been previously published, and must be based on recent work carried out at a University or an equivalent educational institution, or in industry.
Rules for Henry Granjon Prize

Halil Kaya Gedik Award

Sponsored by Gedik Education and Social Benefits Foundation.

The winner of this award has made outstanding contributions to welding science and technology in one of the three following categories:
  • Category A - The development of consumables
  • Category B - The industrial implementation of arc welding
  • Category C - The training and education of young people
Rules for Halil Kaya Gedik Award

Evgeny Paton Prize

Sponsored by Paton Institute of Electric Welding.

The winner of this award has made a significant contribution to science and technology through his (her) life time dedication to «applied research and development in the field of advanced technologies, materials and equipment for welding and allied processes.
Rules for Evgeny Paton Prize

Welding in the World Best Paper Award

Sponsored by the International Institute of Welding and in partnership with Springer.

The winner of this award has published a brillant paper in Welding in the World based on quality and impact.
Rules for Welding in the World Best Paper Award