IIW Awards

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With around 20 different awards, IIW recognises a wide range of achievements: specific, outstanding and technical accomplishments, illustrious careers and long and meritorious service to the IIW. Trophies, medals, and certificates are presented each year to the winners during the Opening Ceremony of the IIW's Annual Assembly.

IIW is proud to promote and recognise excellence through the prizes, many of which are named to pay tribute to eminent individuals who played significant roles in IIW's history, whether as founding fathers, champions, or pillars of the Technical Commissions.

These eminent individuals each contributed to the IIW's aims and objectives or to development of revolutionary scientific and technical advances in welding and allied processes. It was the dedication and vision of these famous people which set the stage for the organisation to be recognised today as the largest and most prestigious worldwide network for knowledge exchange of joining technologies.

The Award Process

All nominations must comply with the current Rules and requirements for the award and be submitted on the appropriate application form by the closing date. All information on nominees will be held in strict confidence. The IIW Panel of Judges' recommendations must be approved by the IIW Board of Directors.

  • Step 1: Representatives of IIW Member Societies, Board of Directors members, Technical Management Board members and Working Unit Chairs are invited to submit nominations. If you are interested in nominating someone for an IIW award but do not hold such a position, please inform the IIW Secretariat who will contact your local Member Society.
  • Step 2: The appropriate person will complete the application form but others are invited to supply relevant information. Application forms must be submitted to the IIW Secretariat no later than 30 November of the year preceding the year of the award.
  • Step 3: All application forms will be circulated to the appropriate IIW Panel of Judges and votes will be collected by the IIW General Secretariat prior to the IIW winter meetings.
  • Step 4: The Panel of Judges' recommendations will be considered for approval by the IIW Board of Directors.
  • Step 5: Award winners will be notified by the IIW General Secretariat and recognised during the Opening Ceremony of the IIW Annual Assembly.

More information is available by contacting the IIW General Secretariat.

Awards for Career Achievements and Contributions to IIW

Fellow of IIW Award

This award recognises members of the IIW for lifetime achievement through distinguished contributions to the field of welding science and technology, and for promoting and sustaining the professional stature of the field. Rules for Fellow of IIW Award

Chris Smallbone Award


Sponsored by IIW Members Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, and Serbia, linked through the South-East European Technology Transfer Network (SEENet).

This award relates to the key area of IIW regional activities and liaison with developing countries and recognises an outstanding individual who has made significant contributions to improving the quality of life through welding technology regionally or internationally.


Walter Edström Medal

Sponsored by Svetskommissionen, Swedish Welding Commission.

This prestigious award, named in honour of a founder of IIW, recognises an individual within IIW or outside the organisation who has made a remarkable and distinguished contribution to IIW.
Rules for Walter Edström Medal

Thomas Medal

Sponsored by American Welding Society.

The winner of this award is an eminent person in international standardisation who has worked with and promoted IIW in standardisation of welding for a number of years. The award includes the presentation of an expert lecture on the topic.
Rules for Thomas Medal

Arthur Smith Award

Sponsored by TWI, United Kingdom.

The winner of this award has given dedicated service to IIW and contributed to the activities of the Institute for a significant number of years, particularly in the work of the Working Units.
Rules for Arthur Smith Award

Awards for Outstanding Technical Achievement

Yoshiaki Arata Award

Sponsored by Japan Welding Engineering Society.

The winner of this award is an individual whose outstanding achievements in fundamental research in welding-related science and technology have been recognised as significant contributions to the progress of welding engineering and related fields.
Rules for Yoshiaki Arata Award

André Leroy Prize

Sponsored by French Institue of Welding.

This biennial award recognises an outstanding multimedia production (including videos, virtual reality, applications and computer programs) intended for use in education and training in any aspect of welding and allied processes at any level of training.
Rules for André Leroy Prize

Heinz Sossenheimer Software Innovation Award

Sponsored by DVS, German Welding Society.

This biennial award recognises innovative software which contributes significantly to improvements in quality and safety of joining, cutting and surfacing operations through modelling and simulation of:

  • the behaviour of materials (metals, plastics and ceramics) due to joining, cutting or surfacing
  • joining, cutting or surfacing processes
  • properties of joined, cut or surfaced structures and constructions.
Rules for Heinz Sossenheimer Software Innovation Award

Henry Granjon Prize

Sponsored by French Institute of Welding.

The purpose of this award is to stimulate interest in welding and related processes among young people. It acknowledges outstanding original scientific papers by young professionals or students in one of four categories:

  • Category A: Joining and fabrication technology
  • Category B: Materials behaviour and weldability
  • Category C: Design and structural integrity
  • Category D: Human related subjects
Rules for Henry Granjon Prize

Halil Kaya Gedik Award

Sponsored by Gedik Education and Social Benefits Foundation, Turkey.

The scientist or engineer winning this award has made outstanding contributions to welding science and technology in one of three categories:
  • Category A - The development of consumables
  • Category B - The industrial implementation of arc welding
  • Category C - The training and education of young people
Rules for Halil Kaya Gedik Award

Evgeny Paton Prize

Sponsored by National Welding Committee of Ukraine and E.O. Paton Electric Welding Institute.

This award is made to an individual who has made a significant contribution to science and technology through lifetime dedication to applied research and development in the field of advanced technologies, materials and equipment for welding and allied processes.
Rules for Evgeny Paton Prize

'Welding in the World' Best Paper Award

Sponsored by IIW in partnership with Springer.

The best paper award is made to authors publishing an outstanding high quality and impactful scientific or research paper in IIW's flagship publication 'Welding in the World'.
Rules for Welding in the World Best Paper Award