Polymer Joining and Adhesive Technology

Commission XVI is a Working Unit which focuses on the areas of polymer joining and adhesive technology. Both of these fields are dedicated to series production which necessitates high automation levels. It provides an interesting forum for high-level discussions among the world´s leading scientists, who represent the very small scientific communities involved in these spheres of materials joining. Developments over the past years have increased the importance of polymer joining and adhesive technology with modern hybrid materials and fibre-reinforced plastics. The Polymer and Joining and Adhesives Technology Commission promotes the development and dissemination of fundamental and applied knowledge to joining of polymers, additive manufacturing, adhesives as well as joining of dissimilar materials to polymers.

Deliverables include state-of-the-art papers for publication in Welding in the World that address o new scientific and technological solutions, o best practice Globally Relevant International Standards o new joining technologies o joining of hybrid systems o additive manufacturing.