Design, Analysis, and Fabrication of Welded Structures

Commission XV comprises experts from several disciplines related to the design, analysis and fabrication of
welded structures, including buildings, bridges, offshore structures and equipment, built of structural steel,
stainless steel, and aluminium.
Recent Commission activities have focused on design guidelines for welded structures subjected to seismic, impact or blast loads, weld design and the welding of high-strength structural steels, advanced welding processes in the fabrication of structural steel, fabrication quality requirements including the influence of flaws, welding residual stresses and distortion measurement, weld joint preparation standards, structural repair guidelines, and optimization and economy factors in design and fabrication.
The Commission has cooperated closely with industry groups in preparing design guidelines for welded joints
in tubular structures subjected to both static loading and fatigue, with responsibility for two ISO standards on
these topics. The Commission works closely with Commissions X and XIII regarding fatigue effects upon welded structures, with a Joint Working Group and frequent joint meetings to facilitate the exchange of such information. It also cooperates with the other IIW working groups when their areas of activity have a direct influence on the fabrication or performance of welded structures.