Health, Safety and Environment

IIW C-VIII is an interdisciplinary network that regularly reviews, exchanges and shares knowledge and general trends in international and national regulations, laws, and rules, and develops best practices that can affect Health, Safety, and the Environment regarding exposure to physical and chemical agents in welding. As has recently been the most explored topics, welding fume and the exposure limits continue to be the topics of most interest.

Some specific recent presentations included comparing the effects of acute MMA fume inhalation, quantifying the efficiency of technical measures for welding fume protection, fume emission during laser welding, modelling the fume emission rate of GMA welding and reducing fume exposure of welders.
Over the next year, the focus will be on updating the IIW Best Practices documents, additional presentations by members and guests, review of health and safety training materials, and further focus on welding fume-related discovery. I encourage all who have any interest in Welding Health, Safety, and the Environment to attend IIW C-VIII meetings and sessions.