Commission VI develops and maintains all terms and definitions specifically applicable to welding and allied processes which fall into the scope of the International Institute of Welding. Its areas of interest consequently cover a wide range of disciplines and technologies, including, but not limited to, welding and joining processes, joint design, performance and testing, metallic and non-metallic materials, and also many further aspects regarding for example personnel and quality management, equipment and consumables. To ensure technical reliability and accuracy on specific topics, Commission VI is committed to enlisting, whenever possible, competent experts from other IIW Working Units or organisations. Further, Commission VI closely focuses on the multiple interdependencies between all the terms and definitions it manages, to ensure comprehensive, coherent, and organised vocabularies. To do so, it notably relies on its Subcommission VI-A, which maintains and develops the IIW Thesaurus, which is also used by information specialists constituting bibliographic databases to index scientific and technical literature in the field of welding and allied processes. The main goal of Commission VI is to offer to all kinds of individuals (students, professionals, researchers) involved in all kinds of organisations (academic, research or industrial) comprehensive vocabularies relevant to the field of welding and allied processes. These mostly come in the form of International Standards produced in collaboration with ISO. The Commission also looks forward means to make the content it develops publicly available through electronic or other possible forms.