NDT and Quality Assurance of Welded Products

Commission V offers a platform for international experts for the dissemination, transfer and exchange of state-of-art knowledge on Nondestructive Testing and structural health monitoring of welded products. The overall aim of these activities is to assure and improve the actual state of knowledge to meet industrial and societal requirements, to reduce the risk of catastrophic failure of components and thus contribute to a higher level of safety in technical systems. These objectives are achieved by the discussion of the use of new developments in physics, chemistry and engineering in NDT applications, the transfer of relevant new scientific knowledge into the development of new testing methods, the multidisciplinary cooperation with other IIW-commissions to enhance the mutual understanding between design, fracture mechanics and NDT, the cooperation with further national and international NDT-societies and community to coordinate activities, the preparation of industrial standards, where rules how to apply a method are still missing, publishing the results in scientific peer review articles (on Welding in the World) or other kind of publications.
This is achieved through a number of Commission, sub-commission and Working Group meetings, conducted worldwide, where actual research results are presented and discussed.