Arc welding and filler metals

Commission II is focused mainly on welds produced by arc welding and on the filler metals which are used therefore. Its activities are set on the metallurgy of weld metals, the influence of the chemical composition and minor elements on the mechanical, corrosion and damage weld behaviour and the reliability of welds in practical service.
The Commission work is determined by various issues of filler metal optimization and development with respect to metallurgy, new material grades, new arc welding processes and practical applications. Microstructural interpretation of weld metals, establishing adequate test procedures for welds and standardization activities in the area of filler metal specifications for arc welding are thereby the main tasks.
Although there is a thematic overlap with other IIW commissions in some general technical topics of interest, the differentiation to other commissions, especially to Commission IX, is the technical approach to these topics. While Commission II focuses on the weld metal by a technology-driven approach other Commissions are focusing on base metals which are subjected to welding from a more scientific point of view.