IIW Presidents and Secretariats

Until 1995, IIW’s operation was supported by two Secretariats provided by Member Societies – a General Secretariat in the UK provided by TWI and a Scientific and Technical Secretariat in France provided by the Institut de Soudure. After that time, a single Secretariat was provided in France until 2019, and afterward it has moved to Italy with Services provided by IIS-Istituto Italiano della Saldatura.

President Term Country
Thomas Boellinghaus 2023-2026 GERMANY
Sorin Keller (Acting) 2021-2023 SWITZERLAND
David Landon 2020-2021 USA
Douglas Luciani 2017-2020 CANDA
G. B. Marquis 2014-2017 FINLAND
B. Raj 2011-2014 INDIA
U. Dilthey 2008-2011 GERMANY
C. Smallbone 2005-2008 AUSTRALIA
B. Pekkari 2002-2005 SWEDEN
B. Braithwaite 1999-2002 UK
Y. Fujita 1996-1999 JAPAN
R. Timerman 1993-1996 ARGENTINA
N. F. Eaton 1990-1993 CANADA
R. V. Salkin 1987-1990 BELGIUM
F. Wallner 1984-1987 AUSTRIA
J. F. Skriniar 1981-1984 CZECHOSLOVAKIA
U. Girardi 1978-1981 ITALY
B. Jakobsson 1975-1978 SWEDEN
H. G. Geerlings 1972-1975 NETHERLANDS
W. Soete 1969-1972 BELGIUM
F. L. Plummer 1966-1969 USA
K. Rühl 1963-1966 GERMANY
W. Edström 1960-1963 SWEDEN
U. Guerrera 1957-1960 ITALY
H. Biers 1954-1957 USA
H. E. Jaeger 1951-1954 NETHERLANDS
P. Goldschmidt-Clermont 1948-1951 BELGIUM
Secretariat’s head Term Title
L. Costa 2020-2024 IIW CEO
C. Mayer 2009-2019 Chief Executive Officer IIW Secretariat
A. Charbonnier 2008 Chief Executive Officer IIW Secretariat
D. Beaufils 2001-2008 Chief Executive Officer IIW Secretariat
R. Ferraz 1999- Chief Executive Officer IIW IAB Secretariat
M. Bramat 1995-2001 Executive Director IIW Secretariat
J. Hicks 1990-1995 IIW Secretary General
M. Bramat IIW Scientific and Technical Secretary