IIW Booklet of Awards 2023

At the Opening Ceremony of the 76th IIW Annual Assembly of the International Institute of Welding (IIW) is honoring the winners of this year’s prestigious IIW Awards and acknowledging their significant contributions to welding and joining around the world. IIW Awards recognise a wide range of achievements such as outstanding technical accomplishments and contributions to IIW Working Units, illustrious careers in the industry or academia, contributions to global advancement and meritorious service to IIW. At this 76th IIW Annual Assembly, IIW Annual Awards acknowledge not only people with outstanding accomplishments or technical achievements, illustrious careers or long and meritorious service to the IIW around the world, but also encourage promising young professionals who are our future industry and Institute leaders. IIW is proud to promote and recognise distinction through its numerous prizes and awards, often sponsored by Member Societies. Many are named to pay tribute to eminent individuals who were founding fathers of IIW or champions of its global role, or made significant contributions to the development and implementation of scientific and technical advances in welding and allied processes. It was the dedication and vision of these famous IIW personalities which set the stage for the organisation to be recognised today as the largest and most prestigious worldwide network for the exchange of knowledge and cooperation in a wide range of joining and related technologies. Our heartiest congratulations go to the 76th IIW Annual Assembly winners whose achievements and professionalism, whether at the peak of the mountains or in the foothills, are outstanding examples of determination on the pathway to excellence.

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