SAVE THE DATE: 01/01/2020

The IIW moves to Italy with a new CEO and IIW General Secretariat Staff

Starting on 01 January 2020 a new team is managing the IIW General Secretariat
This is effected after a decision taken by the IIW General Assembly during the last IIW Annual Assembly in Bratislava, to assign the IIW General Secretariat services to the Italian Institute of Welding (IIS – Istituto Italiano della Saldatura).
As a consequence of the decision, the new IIW Headquarters offices are now located in Genoa (Italy), Lungobisagno Istria 15 – 16141.IIS has defined a new team to support its Members and the welding community in making the IIW The Leading community linking Industry, Research and education to the advancement of welding and joining for a safe and sustainable world.Luca Costa – Chief Executive Officer
MSc in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Genoa (1998), International Welding Engineer (2000).
Luca started dealing with welding during the graduation thesis in 1998. He entered IIS in 2000 and after operating in various activities, he was selected as lecturer in the Education and Training Department. In 2013 he became manager of the Department.
He attended his first IIW Annual Assembly as delegate in 2000, and then covered different roles as Chairman of Commission VIII, Chairman of the TMB, Treasurer and Vice President. He is also an active member of the IAB and Chairman of WG IAB A#3b.Elisabetta Sciaccaluga – Techincal Manager
MSc in Chemical Engineering at the University of Genoa (2005), International Welding Engineer (2010).
Elisabetta gathered her experience as Junior Project manager in an Engineering Provider and entered IIS in 2009. In the Institute she worked as lecturer in the Training and Education Department then as researcher in R&D Department and finally in Sales and Marketing, being in charge of Networking and of Technical Events areas.Rosario Russo – Administrative and Communication specialist
MSc in Chemical Engineering at the University of Genoa (2000).
Before entering IIS, Rosario was a teacher of technical matters in a secondary high school. He joined IIS in 2005 as lecturer in the Training and Education Department and then as researcher in the R&D Department where he became in charge of Funding Management Area. He was also responsible of the technical events and the IIS library.

Andrew Davis – Standards Officer
Andrew received his bachelor of science (BSc) degree in Metallurgy from the University of Leeds in 1984 and his master of science (MSc) degree in Welding and joining technology from Cranfield University in 1994.
After a number of years working in industry, he has been working in the field of welding standards development since 1994, initially with the British Standards Institution (BSI) and subsequently with the American Welding Society (AWS) since 1999. He took over the role as IIW Standards Officer in 2012. Andrew serves as committee manager of a number of ISO welding committees and working groups

Erdmuthe Raufelder – Editorial office manager
70 years old, studied French and English at Heidelberg University, teaching experience as a high school teacher and adult education. Erdmuthe has 30 years of experience in publishing at Springer-Verlag in Heidelberg with a focus on journals management. She Joined IIW as a freelance editorial office manager in 2016.