Technical output


Additive Manufacturing, Surfacing, and Thermal Cutting

From the Chair

Encompassing the rapidly developing area of Additive Manufacturing, our group shares scientific understanding and practical applications of thermal processes including surfacing and thermal cutting.

Terms of reference

Commission focusses on thermal processes as additive manufacturing, surfacing, thermal cutting and allied processes, especially with respect to a better scientific understanding and the practical applications of these processes- Scientific and technical contributions by Commission members give attention to process modelling, mechanical properties of the end-products, production planning and quality assurance, by both on-line and off-line processing. In addition, improvements in additive manufacturing, surfacing and thermal cutting equipment are continuously being reviewed and monitored- Recently, a major emphasis has been on additive manufacturing and laser cutting, especially in relation to the newest developments. Additive manufacturing covers a very broad set of processes and material types and is rapidly becoming an industrialized process in need of documented research and properties development.- The work on additive manufacturing will be made in a very close cooperation with other working units interested in the subject.