Upcoming Event

74th IIW Annual Assembly and International Conference

After a strict selection process, the organiser of the Assembly was selected the same as for the 73rd Annual Assembly. The meeting technology has been updated for more interaction during sessions and amongst participants, to let attendees better enjoy our joining atmosphere.

With this event, the IIW is coming back to its traditions, with a programme enriched to include more content, such as the International Conference, the opening & award ceremonies, as well as a closing event.

The 74th IIW Annual Assembly and International Conference will be held on 7 to 21 July 2021 as follows:
  • 7 July: IIW General Assembly and Opening & Awards ceremony
  • 8 July: IIW International Conference
  • 9 July: Preliminary and administrative meetings
  • 12-17 July: Meetings of IIW Technical Working Units (Commissions and Study Groups) and IAB
  • 17 July: Closing Ceremony 19-21 July: Meetings of Administrative Units.
The event will also include the 2021 Welded Art Exhibition, including a selection of welded art pieces from different categories form all continents. The IIW is working hard these days to define a more detailed preliminary programme. Mark these dates in your calendars and stay tuned on IIW communication media to know more as further information will soon come.