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IIW is a place where young and seasoned professionals from over 50 countries worldwide come together to collaborate and share knowledge. Our members work in academia, research centers, and industry. Our common goal is to advance joining technologies through innovation, standardization, and quality control. Ultimately, we are doing our part to build a safe and sustainable world.

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The IIW has identified the critical necessity for more young people to pursue careers at all levels in welding and its allied technologies, i.e. from the welder to the scientist. The IIW also has the ongoing need to attract the younger generation of welding professionals. The members of this group are investigating the formation of IIW Student Chapters by working with students at those universities interested around the world.

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Competent and dynamic young people are essential to the IIW’s future. Whether you are a student or new to your industry, IIW welcomes your innovations and contributions to build our technical and scientific knowledge base.

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Nam-Phong Nguyen , Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology ILT
- Germany -

To me, IIW means meeting experts from industry and research from all over the world who share the same interest in welding technology. Here you have the opportunity to present your results to an international audience and to get to know the most important trends and news in welding technology. As a newcomer, I was warmly welcomed at the various Young Professional Events and I was able to meet many great people. What I really liked is that the organizers put a lot of effort into making you become a part of this community.

I would like to thank IIW very much for the great organization and I look forward to the next meetings!

Yusuf Busari, My first IIW Annual Assembly in Bratislava
- Malaysia -

As a PhD candidate, meeting over 60% authors of my cited references is cheerful. The knowledge sharing at the commission sessions further enriched my scope of research. The social events were awesome. The environment was splendid.

Carolin Fink, Assistant Professor, Welding Engineering Program, Ohio State University
- United States of America -

Welding in the World (WitW) is a big part of the ‘being seen’ at an international level for a young researcher. You get your name out there and get feedback from colleagues through the reviewing process. I think it is very important that young people get involved in that early. After my PhD, I was immediately encouraged to also ‘see the other side’ of the process, so I am serving as principal reviewer now. Again, this is about staying in touch with innovations and people in the field and at the same time improving my own research work and publishing.

Hervé Yimgna Mengouo, From a very new IIW Member Country's representative
- Cameroon -

My first experience was in 2017 at the IIW AA in Shanghai, during which I attended Working Units (WUs), Study Group Standardization and collaborative forums. It was a great moment of mutual exchange that gave us the idea to develop YP events in Cameroon. We have organized the 1st International Forum of Welding Trades in Cameroon, now with the IIW YP we plan the FIMS to become an annual conference. As a result, we are involved in a welding and piping training and certification project targeting 2,500 young people from vocational schools in Cameroon.

Somsubhro Chaudhuri, PhD student in Weld Fatigue, University of Southampton
- United Kingdom -

My first experience with the IIW was the 2018 Annual Assembly and International Conference in Bali. After attending multiple professional events, it was refreshing to see the attention paid to networking, especially amongst the Young Professionals. The most important part of such gatherings is networking, and IIW did an outstanding job. The papers and presentations were of excellent quality, and a very good mix of both academic and industry-oriented content. I would definitely recommend joining the IIW to anyone in the joining industry whether they are students or professionals, for the wholesome experience that it provides. And of course, it gives you a chance to interact with the people whose articles you have been reading for your studies/work!

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With 55 Member Countries, the National Delegations of which are comprised of a harmonious combination of representatives from research, academia and industry, the IIW is in a unique position to influence and attract cooperation on a global and multi-tiered scale. Those who regularly participate in IIW activities truly BELIEVE in the IIW, what the IIW represents, and what the IIW offers.
Whether they are individual consultants, members of R&D staff of corporate entities, or professors/researchers/students of universities or research institutions, they all come back again and again to share in the IIW’s knowledge exchange network.

Ernest D.Levert, Chair Task-Group-Young Leaders / TG-YL
- United States of America -
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Young Professionnals are the future of IIW

IIW is aware that you are the future of materials joining industry and technologies and that is why the BoD has a special Task Group for YPs. Also all the Technical Working Units focus on involving YPs in IIW activities.
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Luca Costa, IIW CEO

Amar Boutaghane

Geoff Crittenden

Romana Lausch

Fleur Maas

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Hervé Yimgna Mengouo

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Amar Boutaghane

Geoff Crittenden

Romana Lausch

Fleur Maas
Somsubhro Chaudhuri

Marin Beloev

Amar Boutaghane

Geoff Crittenden

Romana Lausch

Fleur Maas

Marin Beloev

Paul Kah
Hervé Yimgna Mengouo

Elliot Biro
Gentry Wood

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