Technical Output


The IIW is internationally recognised as the most reliable world source of technical knowledge in welding and related technologies. This knowledge is made available through a range of documents and products - IIW’s technical output - and is widely utilised by industry, research and training organisations around the world. This output gives access to up-to-date knowledge and integrated expertise in the many fields of materials joining.

IIW Working Units

The 18 IIW Working Units (WUs) - named Commissions and Study Groups – are collaborative forums which utilise and foster the expertise of practitioners, scientists, engineers and other specialist personnel from around the world. Their input and consensus leads to the generation of many types of technical output.
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IIW Resource Materials

Participation in IIW Technical WUs strengthens relationships between industrial and academic researchers, opening pathways for project and thesis sponsorship and generating benefits for industry including workforce and economic development. Industry experts contribute significantly to the work of the various WUs and the development of IIW resources, and provide a critical link to ensure IIW’s responsiveness to industry needs.
IIW resource materials