Qualification and certification

Introduction to the IIW
qualification & certification system

International Authorization Board (IAB) Systems have a three-fold orientation: personnel, companies and the international welding community.

The IAB is constantly working to develop the systems it manages: the harmonized qualification and certification system for personnel and the certification system for companies, and adapt them both to technological advances and market needs.

The IAB works continuously towards the interests of the international welding community and its development worldwide, via its ANBs (authorised nominated bodies) in what regards the personnel qualification and certification, and via the ANBCCs (authorised nominated bodies for companies certification) in what regards the manufacturers certification according to ISO 3834.

By providing certified welding personnel with welding coordination responsibilities and qualified and skilled personnel at all levels, and by developing a harmonized scheme for company certification according to ISO 3834

The IIW Qualification and Certifications Systems, have been developed and implemented worldwide with the main goal of supporting industry needs.