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The IIW Future Leaders program has just been launched!

The IIW Future Leaders program has just been launched!
The program is aimed at developing the next generation of IIW leaders and at increasing the diversity of viewpoints in the IIW Board of Directors, reflective of the entire IIW membership and especially the next generation of welding industry professionals. The Program offers opportunities for early career members of the welding community (age between 21 and 35) to interact with welding and joining industry leaders to contribute to IIW at the highest level of governance.
Two future leaders will be selected each year and will serve a one-year term as non-voting guests of the IIW BODs. During this year of service, the individuals will be invited to attend each online IIW Board of Directors (BOD) meetings, attend the Annual Assembly, participate in committee discussions to set policy, gain valuable leadership experience, and connect with welding and joining industry influencers. The program includes support with economy class travel for Participants for the face-to-face BOD meetings (up to 2 BOD meetings).
Nominations can be submitted by IIW members and members of BoD, TMB, IAB Board, and Chairs of IIW Commissions. Nominations will close on 15 May 2022.