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Nordic Welding Conference

Icelandic Welding Association composed by Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland with support of the international institute of Welding is organising Nordic Welding Conference.


23 – 24 August 2018


Reykjavík Iceland

About this event

The Nordic Welding Conference (NWC) is the premier technical conference dedicated to bringing experts and professionals from the Nordic and International communities together to discuss state of the art welding and joining technologies. The conference has a long standing tradition starting in 1948 in Stockholm, since then the Nordic Welding Conference has been organized every 2-3 years in one of the Nordic countries: Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland.

Main topics:
  • Welding and Industry 4.0 – M. Hummer 4.0 influence on welding
  • Automation, Robot welding and handling using Robots for one – piece – production.
  • EN 1090, Experience, implementation and education
  • Stainless steel, welding and durability in harsh environment's

Online Information is available at http://nwc2018.is/