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Joint Session on Additive Manufacturing

Commissions I - V - X - XIII agreed to work collaboratively to developp an amazing session on Additive Manufacturing.
Additive manufacturing (AM) is a set of technologies well-aligned with automated welding processes commonly used in the industrial sector worldwide. To that effect, the various commissions in IIW can bring vast amounts of knowledge to bear on the development of AM for future use in construction and industry. This document provides an overview of the fits between our commissions and the use of AM.

Some topics approached:
  • Additive manufacturing and ultrasonic testing
  • Wire based additive manufacturing of wear resistant hybrid structures with gas metal arc welding
  • Computed tomography used for inspection of critical zones in additive manufactured parts
  • Microstructure-Mechanical Property Correlation in 3-dimensional SS316L blocks manufactured by Laser Metal Deposition
  • Additive manufacturing and fatigue for future applications
Agenda is available on the following pages: