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ITSC 2020 - International Thermal Spray Conference and Exposition

Partner of the IIW since many years through IIW Member Society DVS, the next international conference entitled "ITSC – International Thermal Spray Conference and Exposition" with an accompanying exhibition is inviting experts, scientists and authorities on the sector to submit specialist contributions and posters on the subject of "Thermal Coating" is going to be held from 10 to 12 June in Vienna, Austria.
It is the world's largest conference on thermal surface technology and is staged at changing venues every year. In the coming year, it will be organised by DVS - German Welding Society with the support of the Association of Thermal Sprayers and the Surface Engineering Institute of the RWTH Aachen University.
Presentations dealing with the thermal applications, the material properties, the technical equipment, economic aspects as well as the pretreatment and post-treatment of thermally coated base materials are desired for the call for papers. Specialist lectures on additive manufacturing will be warmly welcome too. Furthermore, young scientists and students are being invited to submit their proposals for lectures during the session for "Young Professionals".
There are a lot of possibilities for coating surfaces and thus for making the original material more resistant or conductive as well as for protecting it against wear, heat or corrosion. Thermal coating is one process which provides a nearly infinite number of utilisation possibilities for this purpose. Hardly any other process promises as many prospects of success because, in the case of this thermal surface technology, the material, the applied substance and the execution can be chosen and combined with each other in an optimum way.
Precisely for this reason, there is, on the one hand, a need for specialist information in order to explain when and where it makes sense to utilise thermal coating as a surface technology. On the other hand, it is important to carry out well-founded research work oriented to the requirements of the market in order to be able to offer solutions for optimum surface coatings and to assure the quality of the products. The international conference entitled "International Thermal Spray Conference and Exposition (ITSC)" will take exactly this as its starting point and will provide specialist contributions by manufacturers, users and experts from the sector as well as results from research projects.
The call for papers will last until September 30, 2019. The contributions can be communicated exclusively online.

Contact in DVS (organisational information):
Simone Weinreich, T +49 211 1591-302, simone.weinreich@dvs-hg.de