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International Welding Congress on the Worldwide Availability of Welding Related Personnel CANCELED

…….“Connecting Materials and People”……
A Member of the IIW and the EWF, since 2007, the Welding Greek Institute organizes the International Welding Congress, entitled “Connecting Materials and People” and subject “The Worldwide Availability of the Welding Related Personnel”.

The Congress will take place in our Facilities in Eleusis, on the 13th and 14th of May 2021 in Greece.

The Congress program consists of The Availability of Welding Related Personnel in the Heavy Industry, the Maritime and Construction Sector, the Qualified and Certified Personnel and the key-role of related Training and points out the current situation of these Sectors, which following the Financial Crisis, are trying to recover by finding Sufficient Personnel.

During the International Welding Congress, the Welding Greek Institute will be presenting its Research about the Availability of Related Personnel, based on our Questionnaire, answered by more than 100 Technical Companies, occupied in the Heavy Industry.

The International Welding Congress will combine Lectures, Researches and general Conclusions, Ancient Greek History and Culture gift ceremony (since Eleusis was one of the most important sacred centers in ancient times) and daily excursions to the ancient sites and museums of the 2021 European Capital of Culture.

The venue is located only 17km from the Athens Historical Center.

International Congress Topics

Availability of Welding Related personnel
Challenges in the training sector

Qualification / Certification of personnel

Use of new technologies for training and promotional purposes
Welding Inspection Personnel

Quality Systems in the welding industry

For more information please visit the International Welding Congress website www.congress.wgi.gr or send a mail to Georgia.kolyva@wgi.gr.

Along with the International Welding Conference, the National Welders Championship will be held on May 5th & -6th.