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IIW virtual welded art photographic exhibition, 7th to 21st July 2021

Due to Covid-19, the International Institute of Welding (IIW) decided to hold the 2021 IIW Annual Assembly and International Conference on-line, 7th to 21st July 2021. Given the great success of the 2020 edition, the event will also include the 2021 IIW Welded Art Photographic Exhibition. We expect 700-800 welding professionals, engineers and scientists to attend. Participants will be able to enter an on-line room where all the welded art photographs will be displayed. Participants will also be able to take away a ‘2021 Artistic Soul of Welding Digital Collection”, containing all the welded art photographic exhibits plus the write-ups on the artists and exhibits including contact details of each artist. The digital collection will also be promoted around the world in a number of ways.


Download the 2020 Artistic Soul of Welding digital collection; it will be enriched and expanded in 2021.


Welded Art Exhibits: Typically what is shown on Pages 5 to 54 but expanded from 25 Artists to 35 artists.
Emerging Joining Technologies: Two examples are shown on pages 57 to 62 from Autodesk in the United Kingdom, (“Ollie the Octopus”) and University of Wollongong and RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia (Spatial Lattice). We welcome researchers, universities and companies around the world using emerging joining technologies to create welded art exhibits for submission.
Young Artists: We would like to include up to 10 exhibits from children 15 years and under who have taken up welded art as a hobby and who are forming the next generation of up-and-coming young artists.
Thomas Huisman an example of ‘the face of welding for the next generation’ from Brisbane, Australia, is featured on pages 64/65 with his exhibit “Heavy Metal”.
Photography:- Prof Milan Maronek from Slovakia is featured on pages 67/68 where through his ‘Art of Welding‘ series, he brings the viewer closer to the world of technology and welding from the perspective of fine art photography. His exhibit “The Memory of Monet” is a fine example of this. Materials scientists and engineers amongst others would find this an interesting activity to participate in.
Instructors and students: Around the world there are many universities, technical colleges, art colleges and high schools where both instructors and students perform welded art. We would like to include at least 10 exhibits from such educational institutions.
The final number of exhibits to be included in each category is flexible and significantly increased numbers of suitable exhibits can be accommodated.
If you are aware of other people in your networks at companies, universities, research groups, colleges etc who may be producing welded artwork in any of the categories mentioned earlier, I would be grateful if you would send me their contact details and I will contact them directly.

The following information is needed to submit an exhibit:
- The title and a photograph of the exhibit taken on a digital camera with good image quality and a resolution of 20 megapixel or more which will give high quality A2 prints.
- A short (200 word) write-up on the objectives / methods / techniques / materials / uniqueness used for your welded art exhibit.
- A photograph of the artist (an eight megapixel resolution should be fine) and a short 100 word write-up on your own welded art background and contact details such as email address, website, Facebook etc.
Submissions should be sent before 12th February 2021.

Further information is available on the formal invitation to the IIW 2021 Welded Art Exhibit and digital collection or may be requested to the Exhibition Organiser, Mr. Chris Smallbone (allbones@iinet.net.au)