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IIW CEO position job wanted

The International Institute of Welding (IIW) is the World-Leading Network in Materials Joining and represents the global collaboration platform for researchers, industry practitioners, educators, students and young professionals from close to 60 countries and is currently searching for a Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Closing Date for Applications – 30 April 2019

It is expected that the CEO is hands-on and focused on the Strategic Objectives of the IIW. The IIW leader shall have a passion for the welding and joining industry, have exceptional energy and the ability to motivate employees and members of the IIW at all levels. The CEO shall also be a trusted advisor to the IIW membership societies, technical working units and industrial partners. The CEO shall be a reliable leader which includes strong strategic planning, direction and guidance capabilities for highest day-to-day performance and development of the organization. The CEO shall operate within the governance framework established by the Board of Directors and in close liaison with the IIW President (i.e. Chair of the Board of Directors).

This position will report to the IIW Board of Directors.

Key responsibilities:

· Develop, recommend and, on the approval of the Board, implement and communicate the Strategic Plan of the IIW.

· Prepare and submit annual operating, capital, personnel and restricted funds budgets to the Board for review and subsequent approval.

· Create an optimal management organization structure.

· Foster a work environment that focuses on the creative spirit of the employees, on the improvement of the business, and the development of the individual.

· Continually improve internal processes through operational excellence and ensure systems that are designed to maximize the health and safety of all employees.

· Provide the Board of Directors regular reports on strategic and operational achievements

· Represent the IIW at relevant organizations, government agencies, client groups, and in the public

· Ensure the effective management of the assets of the organization.

· Develop corporate policies for consideration and approval by the Board, and operating policies and procedures for all other aspects of the IIW’s business.

· Rigorously promote the merits of existing services to all IIW Stakeholders (Industry, Academia, Research institutions and all the individuals involved).

· Facilitate the (summer) IIW Annual Assemblies as well as the (winter) intermediate meetings.

We are looking for someone with the following qualifications:

The ideal candidate would have a technical background with an engineering degree(s) or business degree and welding or related experience. The successful candidate will have experience as a CEO, COO, or divisional head with substantial general management skills as well as strong customer service orientation attitude and will have a track record of success in growing revenue and achieving high customer satisfaction. Additional requirements include:

· International experience in an Not for Profit (NFP) organization would be considered an asset

· Ten or more years of leadership experience, preferably within welding and joining

· Management training and experience with a board of directors, advisory board etc.

· Substantial understanding of business environments, change processes and how-to relentlessly focus on the key drivers that affect customer value including identifying and capitalizing on opportunities

· Ability to create and lead a small, but highly capable, hands-on organization within affordability constraints, with an understanding of current and future competency requirements, clarity in roles, accountabilities and performance expectations

· Track record of cohesive team building, with the ability for objective and balanced performance management

· Willingness to travel and ability to work abroad during the IIW Annual Assemblies as well as the intermediate meetings.

· Strong English communication skills, with also one or two additional languages, if possible

Please submit your resume/CV to the IIW President Doug Luciani (Email: doug.luciani@iiwelding.net) no later than April 30th, 2019.

If you have any questions about the position, skills and/or requirements please direct them to the IIW President Doug Luciani (Email: doug.luciani@iiwelding.net or Cell: 416-428-3200)