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HENRY GRANJON PRIZE _ CATEGORY B – Materials Behaviour and Weldability

Sponsored by the Institut de Soudure (French Welding Institute) Rewards a young professional or student for an outstanding paper devoted to research into welding and related technologies

Dr-Ing. Peer Woizeschke
‘Interfacial analysis of laser joined hybrid aluminum titanium seams in the submicrometer range’

Dr-Ing. Peer Woizeschke (Germany) studied production engineering at the University of Bremen and received his first degree with distinction in 2010. He then joined the Materials Processing and Processing Systems unit under Professor Frank Vollertsen at BIAS, the Institute of Applied Beam Technology, in Bremen. He received his doctorate from the University of Bremen’s Faculty of Production Engineering in 2017. His early work dealt with deep penetration laser welding of aluminium sheets in the macro- and micro-range. Subsequently, he focused on laser joining of hybrid seams for multi-material designs with aluminium, titanium, steel, and carbon fibre reinforced plastic components, and since 2014 has led the Joining for Lightweight Construction Group. Woizeschke has regularly attended IIW meetings as part of the DVS Young Professional Programme, focusing on Commissions C-IV and C-XVII. He has published five peer-reviewed journal papers and 15 conference contributions, articles, or book chapters as lead author as well as a further 18 publications as co-author.