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HENRY GRANJON PRIZE _ CATEGORY A – Joining and Fabrication Technology

Sponsored by the Institut de Soudure (French Welding Institute) Rewards a young professional or student for an outstanding paper devoted to research into welding and related technologies
Dr Jinle Zeng[
‘Research on machine vision detection method for real-time path control in wirefeed additive manufacturing and multi-pass/multi-layer welding process’

Dr Jinle Zeng (People’s Republic of China) graduated from Tsinghua University in 2017 and received his PhD degree in Materials Science and Engineering. His research field was seam tracking technology, using multiple visual feature acquisition and information fusion methodology, which can be applied in automatic welding using welding robots. There were two main topics of his dissertation research. Firstly, automatic narrow butt joint detection methodology in specular reflection workpieces which is used in the aerospace field. Secondly, multi-layer/multi-pass weld position recognition methodology for thick workpieces which is used in the energy and marine engineering fields. Based on his PhD research, he has published five SCIE-indexed and three EI-indexed papers as the first author. He has also been granted nine Chinese invention patents and one Japanese invention patent, and has applied for a US invention patent. Currently Zeng is dedicated to research on smart manufacturing, including ‘Internet of Things’ technology, big data analysis, and industrial cloud platforms.