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Head of the International Institute of Welding Wins Two 2021 Business Worldwide Magazine CEO Awards


Luca Costa, CEO of the International Institute of Welding, has received two accolades in the 2021 Business Worldwide Magazine CEO Awards

The awards aim to identify and honour the most respected and successful CEOS from around the world, across a broad range of industries. Instead of focusing on the organisations’ successes, here the spotlight is on the unique individuals at their helms, celebrating exceptional achievements and inspiring others to follow suit. Luca Costa was the outright winner in two categories: 'Industrial Engineering CEO of the Year - Europe' ' & 'Digital Business Transformation CEO of the Year - Europe'.
The International Institute of Welding is an authority in all things related to its field, bringing together researchers, industry practitioners and professionals from more than 50 countries to share ideas and make important reforms. Luca Costa has spearheaded a digital revolution in the industry, not only facilitating huge efficiencies but also contributing to a safer, more sustainable world. He has dedicated his entire career to research, education and training within the industry, starting as a mechanical engineer before progressing to his integral role as a global leader in this essential non-profit organisation.

The IIW is approved by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) to develop standards in the field of welding and related processes. The IIW Journal “Welding in the World” has been registered in Thomson Reuters Science Citation Index® since 2009, and the systems developed within IIW for education and training are paving the way towards one global education and qualification system for welding personnel, with abundantly above a hundred thousand people proudly possessing an IIW Diploma or certificate.
Luca is implementing the IIW Strategic Plan 2018 – 2023, which focuses on the IIW vision ‘to advance welding and joining through a worldwide network,’ as well as its mission – ‘linking industry research and education to the advancement of welding and joining for a safe and sustainable world.’
Leading a collaborative global platform through a pandemic has been a challenge to say the least, but it’s one that Luca has embraced. Following cancelled events and huge changes to daily activities, the IIW enabled him to turn this disaster into an opportunity and digitally transform communications. The organisation’s annual conference in 2020 was changed to an online event, attracting almost 650 participants from all over the world. The online event was repeated and enriched in 2021 and gathered over 750 participants .
For further information, news and events, please visit iiwelding.org. More details about the Business Worldwide Awards programme can be found online at https://www.bwmonline.com/awards/