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D. Kautz delivered IIW Thomas Medal lecture at FABTECH

IIW Thomas Medal rewards an individual who has been involved in IIW/ISO international standards activities. A lecture on the incorporation of global studies into the standardisation for welding technologies is part of the award, sponsored by American Welding Society, IIW Responsible Member Society in the USA.

Thomas Lecture 2019 International standards development for new processes

This year’s R. D. Thomas Jr. International Lecture titled “International standards development for new processes” detailed the need to get standards on the street more quickly. Delivering the lecture was Doug Kautz, currently with Leidos Inc. and formerly with Los Alamos National Laboratory.
Kautz said the rate of technology development for industrial processes continues to increase as new tools are developed, adding that standards development is in an exponential growth period. Items that stand in the way of rapid development include the fact companies may consider new process information as proprietary or technology may be occurring at a rate that makes standards quickly outdated.
“To make standards development successful, we need to work across standards development organizations (SDOs),” Kautz said. While many SDOs are not used to working closely with other organizations, he said, the welding community has a good network of compatible SDOs.
Kautz summarized his lecture by stating the following:
· New technologies tend to force SDOs to work in collaborations that are not traditional.
· Member companies and countries can apply pressure to make these interfaces more malleable.
· ANSI in the United States can help with this by making its member SDOs work together for the good of their respective industries, and ISO can do the same with its member countries.

D. Kautz is currently Chair of IIW C-I Additive Manufacturing, Surfacing, and Thermal Cutting, his complete citation for the IIW Thomas Medal Award is included in the IIW 2019 Booklet of Awards