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2018 Thomas Medal and lecture for download

Sponsored by the American Welding Society and rewards an individual who has been involved in IIW/ISO international standards activities and can deliver a lecture on the incorporation of global studies into the standardisation for welding technologies

Mr Jérôme Dietsch (France) started his career in 2005 as an Information Manager for Institut de Soudure Groupe – the French Welding Institute. While his academic background did not destin him specifically to the field of welding, his curiosity and commitment in his work allowed him to acquire by experience a very large and consistent overview of most aspects of welding technologies.

An active member of IIW Commission VI Terminology since 2008, from 2013 Dietsch became more and more involved in standardisation activities. He has been the French Delegate not only to the IIW Working Group on Standardisation but also to a number of CEN an ISO Technical Committees, Subcommittees and Working Groups, including those dealing with welding consumables, health and safety, quality management and personnel qualification. His main area of interest remains in welding terminology, which has led him to become the new Chair of ISO/TC 44/SC 7 Representation and Terms, since the beginning of 2018.

Jérôme Dietsch has presented his lecture entitled 'Standardisation: A valuable too to (really) clarify global economic exchanges' at

#BreakingNews Mr Jérôme Dietsch @Institu2Soudure involved in @isostandards activities presented Thomas Lecture sponsored by @AWSHQ at FABTECH http://iiwelding.org/news/fabtech
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