Technical output


Welding Research Strategy and Collaboration

From the Chair

Our Study Group promotes welding-related research initiatives and innovation in methodologies and techniques, while fostering collaboration between international researchers, in particular young professionals, through colloquia and mentoring programmes.

Terms of reference

IIW SG-RES aims to promote welding related research and in particular to foster collaboration between international researchers. Methodology: The study group will review the latest trends in welding technology and new methodologies and techniques for research, discuss strategies (e.g. funding, identification of major projects, etc.) for establishing international research groups, collect critical feedback on how topics of industrial interest and national support for welding research are progressing. Any potential for research collaboration will be identified and progressed subsequent to the meetings. The Colloquia will be a forum for presentation of the latest welding research trends and a vehicle for collaborative research promotion. A brief report on the colloquium will be prepared by the chair with the assistance of the technical committee.