Technical output


Quality Management in Welding and Allied Processes

From the Chair

Our interdisciplinary group is developing documentation and standards for welding quality management systems. These support technical experts, quality managers and production personnel responsible for implementation in the workplace.

Terms of reference

C-XVIII maintains the goal to identify, create, develop and transfer global best practices in the field of quality management for welding and allied processes. C-XVIII focuses on quality management systems and the requirements for personnel and companies involved in welding and allied processes. It also develops guidelines on the implementation of quality standards, for example, ISO 3834 “Quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials.” At present, C-XVIII members are: • updating the document "Improving the quality and effectiveness of welding by utilizing the standard ISO 3834" (C-XVIII-145r4-10) • updating collected information which gives a global overview of quality management systems used in different fields of applications (C-XVIII-138r8-12) • preparing recommendations for auditor requirements involved with the certification of companies, • preparing comparative studies of criteria for fabricator company audits • preparing a paper on risk assessment in the fabrication industries. C-XVIII looks to undertake new tasks that will exchange knowledge between technical experts, quality managers and production personnel using welding and allied processes. Thus, C-XVIII acts as an interdisciplinary body for the IIW.