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Power Beam Processes

From the Chair

With a focus on electron and laser beam processes, we explore opportunities for their combination with different arc modes as well as industry applications such as the flourishing Additive Manufacturing sector.

Terms of reference

Commission IV operates like a “think tank” for scientists, engineering and technical personnel who are involved in the research, development and application of power beam processing technologies including laser, laser-hybrid and electron beam welding processes. These processes are in a continuous state of rapid development and advancement as new technologies and innovations offer a nearly unlimited array of welding, joining and processing opportunities. Technical and scientific presentations by Commission members give attention to new processes, process modelling, mechanical properties of end-products and environmental health and safety. The Commission is especially active in the study of the application of power beam processes to novel and otherwise difficult-to-weld materials like high-strength steels, specialty stainless steels, light alloys, dissimilar materials and coated products.