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Microjoining and Nanojoining

From the Chair

Our experts' collaboration in research and development of materials and joining processes at the micro- and nano-levels promotes quality integration and assembly of devices and systems in industry.

Terms of reference

C-VII is a working unit focusing on microjoining, nanojoining and other related materials processing technologies at micro-/nano-scales to: • Promote knowledge exchange on the latest progress in micro- and nano-joining research, particularly with respect to materials and process issues; • Review general trends in micro-joining and especially nano-joining research for integration and assembly of micro- and nano-scale devices and systems; and • Promote awareness about recent developments in micro- and nano-joining research and applications, with special attention given to new industrial sectors (micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS), medical implants, nano-scale devices and systems, etc.) which are not significantly emphasized in other IIW Working Units.