Technical output


C-XVII Brazing, Soldering and Diffusion Bonding

From the Chair

With a focus on the metallurgical and mechanical properties of materials, components and brazed/soldered/diffusion bonded joints, our group is particularly interested in new filler materials and joining technologies for similar and dissimilar materials.

Terms of reference

Commission XVII is a relatively new Working Unit that started its activities during the 2009 IIW Annual Assembly in Singapore. It comprises experts and delegates from several disciplines related to the metallurgical and mechanical property characterization of brazed, soldered or diffusion bonded materials, components or joints. In addition, new filler materials are discussed and evaluated. The Commission currently solicits contributions to fulfill its work programme which includes ceramic-to-ceramic and ceramic-to-metal brazing, wide gap brazing, brazing and diffusion bonding in microsystems, brazing of intermetallics, repair brazing, laser brazing, brazing of Al-and Ti-based alloys, surface brazing, NDT of brazed and diffusion -bonded joints, applications of vacuum-brazed and diffusion-bonded joints, development of new brazing filler metals, testing methods of brazed and diffusion-bonded joints (i.e. tensile, shear, stress rupture, bending, corrosion and erosion, etc.), low temperature brazing, weld/brazing (for e.g., MIG brazing in use in the automotive industry), and diamond and super-abrasive joining. An updated work programme for soldering and diffusion bonding is being developed.