Technical output


Arc welding and Filler Metals

From the Chair

Our group researches the metallurgy and testing of filler metals, including high-strength, creep-resistant and nickel-based filler metals, and contributes to international standards for best practice in industry.

Terms of reference

Commission II identifies, develops and transfers scientific and technical information, possibly leading to International Standards or best practices, with respect to Arc Welding and Filler Metals. Its principal areas of focus include the metallurgy of weld metal (e.g. Hydrogen in weld metal, chemical reactions, constitution of weld metal and weld metal cracking), as well as the testing and measurement of welds (e.g. ferrite in high-alloyed weld metal, corrosion testing and testing of weld metal for hot cracking and micro-fissuring). It is also involved in standardization of welding consumables, including the coordination of the evaluation of ISO standards which are under Systematic Review, assuming responsibility for appropriate testing standards and conducting round-robin tests as may be required in support of the general work programme. These activities have greatly contributed to the understanding, acceptance, classification and adequate use of welding consumables.